Seeds of Love Meditative Coloring Book and Journal


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Take your meditation practice anywhere with this little 6 x 6 paperback coloring book and journal! Twenty-two unique sacred geometric mandala designs are paired up with twenty two journal pages.

This book is a compilation of hand drawn designs based on the Seed of Life pattern, which is a sub-pattern of the Flower of Life. These original designs were created during a meditative practice and each was paired with an affirmation message inspired by nature and animals. It is laid out with the digital version of the original design on the left-hand page and the corresponding affirmation as a journaling prompt on the right-hand page.

It is recommend that you use this book as a part of a regular meditation practice. This can be done as a solitary or group activity, and is suitable for all ages. The experience can be enhanced by choosing a quiet, comfortable place, listening to soothing music, and perhaps adding aromatherapy and a favorite flavored cup of tea.

Pick a design at random and meditate on the message as you color the accompanying design. You may find that as you are coloring, thoughts and ideas that have been on your mind begin to flow with ease. Use the journaling page to jot these down for later reflection. Doing this on a regular basis will likely result in an increased sense of calm, peace and well-being.

You will notice that these designs are not perfect! Some are missing edges or pieces of lines. Feel free to edit, add to, color, embellish and do whatever inspires you in regard to these designs as it will enhance your own sense of creativity!

I recommend using gel pens and colored pencils for this book to avoid any bleed-through. You may want to put your masterpiece under a small fan so that the gel ink dries more quickly. The compact size makes it handy to maneuver for ease in coloring.

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