Orgonite Generator Water Charging Plate



This is no ordinary Orgonite Generator Water Charging Plate!

I custom make these to order based on inspirational sacred geometry designs from the Animal Angels Oracle Deck (also available for purchase in this shop). All of my Orgone creations include an original, hand-painted Flower of Life design on 100% copper, crystals, other metals, SBB or Triskelian coils, and resin. They are created during a Reiki-inspired meditative process, in which a card is drawn from the Animal Angels Oracle Card Deck; during my daily meditation, I pick one card at random, and then meditate briefly on the word and message. Then I use the design on the card to create an Orgone design. I meditate on the word and message while creating the piece.

The design from the card is used to inspire the hand-painted portion of the generator, and then the generator is created using complementary types of crystals and other metals.

This charging plate can be used to infuse water or other beverages or food with positive energy. Each measures approximately 5.5 by 0.75 inches and weighs slightly less than 1 pound.

Each plate is 100% unique as no two designs are alike. The crystals and metals used are different for each plate, depending on the energy desired. A pendulum is used to verify positive energy effect.

There are three ways to determine what design you can get:

1) You may choose the design that I will use as inspiration by viewing this meditation video:

While viewing the video, make note of the word that appears with the design that you’d like. Please list the word corresponding to your desired design when you place your order.
For reference, the charging plate pictured in this listing was created from the card “Happy”. Crystals of citrine and amethyst were combined with metals of copper, sterling silver and aluminum. A Tiskelian coil was used.

2) You may leave it up to chance in which case I will randomly draw a card for your design and create the plate based on the card I drew. Please list “Option 2: Let me choose” when you place your order.

3) You can bypass the Animal Angels Oracle Cards aspect and simply specify the two predominant colors you’d like to be used. I will then hand-draw and paint a Flower of Life design using these and other complementary colors. Please list “Option 3: pick two colors” when you place your order.

For more about Orgone energy, please visit this link:

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in
Option 1:

Design desired from the Animal Angels Oracle Card deck.

Option 2:

Let me choose

Option 3:

Please choose two colors for your custom design.


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