I consider myself a member of multiple communities. Every type of community I am in fosters a desire to help community members. Here are projects and ventures I have created to do just that.

Community Healing Hands Neighborhood Wellness Resource Center

Imagine a true medical home, where people and families from the neighborhood come to work out their stress in the community garden, participate in a group meditation session, get assistance in recovering from major surgical procedures, take an art or healthy eating class, drop off their dog for some play time, speak to volunteer medical professionals about complicated diagnoses or treatment options, or just sit down for tea and a healthy snack with friendly staffers…

Welcome to Community Healing Hands!


Serrah’s place

Serrah (pronounced like “Sarah”) is an enlightened canine being who I had the pleasure of knowing for the last 10 months of her life. Through my use of Animal Reiki, I became aware that Serrah was teaching me great lessons about Self-love and Self-care. When she transitioned, I was inspired to create a helpful online presence in her honor.

Serrah’s Place is designed to be a resource for those who are on a path to healing, whether that be related to physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health issues. It is an online space offering real-life solutions for recovery, as well as lifestyle hacks for situations related to sleep, health, food, living spaces and more.

Intimate Alchemy

Please visit my blog, Intimate Alchemy, which I started in 2010, a year which was marked by several personal life challenges. There you will find articles and resources for multiple topics ranging from health and wellness, to spirituality and awakening.

Joy Love Foundation

Although not an official foundation yet, I am creating a space in which to receive gifts and donations. Any proceeds received will be earmarked to support causes, programs, and ideas that bring more joy and love to the world.

Among others, I plan to support the the following causes:
  • Help Pollinators, Birds, Wildlife & Domestic Animals
  • Sustainable living
  • Meditation and meditative art
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Efforts to increase Self-love and Self-care
If you’d like to specify where your donation is used please do so.
Thanks so much for your donation! I will send you a description of how I used your help.