Dr. Joy Love

“When you are in the service of your fellow beings you are in the service of God.”


I have always been a person who wanted to serve my fellow man in some way.

After serving as a surgeon and specialist in Women’s Health for 20 years, I made the decision to retire so that I could pursue activities that bring me joy. These include meditative art, random acts of kindness, caring for pets while their owners are away, and uplifting others however I can.

Although writing and educating others about all matters concerning  health, wellness and spirituality had been a passion of mine, in recent years self-love and self-care have become an important priority.

I now spend most of my days focusing on living sustainably and caring for myself, my space, and others in my environment. One aspect of this includes creating beautiful art to surround myself with and for gifting to others. For me, this translates into painting colorful and inspirational designs on rocks and other surfaces. I also enjoy making videos.

My passion for creating art for others has resulted in a plethora of pieces and related paper products (cards, calendars, etc.) which are listed in my shop on Ko-Fi.com. Here you can purchase my art, make a donation to my future foundation, or buy me a coffee!

Along with my M.D., I am a Reiki Master and hold certificates in Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching and Therapeutic Art Life Coaching. I have recently completed diploma courses in Ancestral Healing and Sacred Geometry.

Please visit my blog for health and wellness tips as well as articles about everything from apples to zebras!